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Gild Hall - A Thompson Hotel Review

As most of you probably know I visited New York recently for the first time. I loved it. Its definitely  fair to say I explored the city up and down for a week straight. This review is going to be on Gild Hall which is a hotel by Thompson

Its no secret I am picky when it comes to hotels. I want to my hotels to be boutique, luxurious and above all, in a thriving location.  When choosing a hotel I really do my research and prefer to trust personal recommendations from family, friends even fellow bloggers are great. I will be researching up to a year in advance sometimes. Especially if its a destination I haven't visited before.

Gild Hall is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of the new Lower Manhattan that you wouldn't guess was even their. A side to Wall Street you never knew existed Financial District brings the unseen side of Wall Street to life and I really enjoyed it. Its a great hotel in a quiet and convenient location in walking distance to most major attractions. Such as ground zero, brooklyn bride, brookfield plaza and west fields as well as close to downtown soho and little Italy.

I stayed at Gild Hall for 3 nights during my city break to New York. I cant complain about anything. Firstly, the location is perfect like I mentioned above. Close walking distance to a lot but also you have near by subways to take you anywhere you want to go. Around Lower Manhattan you have lots of quirky food places everywhere. You would never be at a loss of where to grab a quick bite or for a meal.  The hotel also has its own restaurants Felice Ristorante which is a mature Tuscan eatery with a damn good wine list.  The vibe in Felice Ristorante is a warm, cozy vibe that makes you wonder are you in NYC or Florence. Felice is open to the hotel guests and public.

Gild Hall also have a tasteful looking wine bar upstairs named La Soffitta . Quick drinks after a busy day or a catch up with friends you couldn't be disappointed being surrounded by elegant custom lighting, glowing bottle-lined walls (so cool).  I really loved how tasteful the décor was designed.

BE ITALIAN- Because what else? This big piece of art really stood out and by the looks of it everyone who has ever possibly stayed at Gild Hall has also photographed this.

Surprise Surprise that I had a smoked salmon bagel huh..? Not really. The photo doesn't do the bagel any favour's. My food photography skills are going to get better. They have too! Especially for someone who loves food!!  The breakfast menu was soo good. I could of easily chosen everything.

If the food isn't in your stride you are in a great spot being right near and in walking distance of a few bars/restaurants.

If your a Starbucks lover like me then you will be happy to know there is one right across the road. I mean what could go wrong.. not like I had 2/3 everyday .. moving on.

Everyone I spoke to before heading to New York let me know how you shouldn't expect a large style room.. I asked why?  I got the response " because its New York" quite a few times. The rooms at Gild Hall are the perfect size and the layout is smart. They use the space wisely. The room was just the right size. It wasn't the largest room ever but for sure not the smallest.

You can choose from staying in:
  • King Superior
  • King Deluxe
  • King Premium
  • Double Deluxe
  • King Suite
  • Thompson Suite
  • Penthouse Suite

    Obviously like any hotel depending on which room you decide to stay in will reflect in the price.
    All the rooms are designed by Jim Walrod who was an assistant art director for the Italian fashion house, Fiorucci. The Italian style comes into play again within the room and hallways.
    I have to comment on how comfy the beds was. I never slept so good like that in any hotel bed!  400 thread count sferra linens are not going to disappoint. The hotel area is really quiet at night time, which some people find hard to believe.. especially in the middle of the hustle and bustle that we call Wall Street where nothing stops!
    The bathroom was stylish. The lighting was .. well selfie approved. Lets just saying the lighting of dreams. Haha.

    Restaurant Hours
    Mon – Sat: 6:30am – 10:30pm
    Sun: 7:00am – 10:30pm
    Room Service Hours
    Mon – Sat: 6:30am – 10:30pm
    Sun: 7:00am – 10:30pm

    Some hotels don't offer room service as the same hours the restaurant where as Gild Hall does. The menu is impressive. Something for everyone. The rooms also have a book like a guide but not as such for food places in the area! Bonus! Love that.
    The hallways are filled with amazing photos. I'm pretty sure every guest has been and looked at all photo they have around the hotel. They are definitely striking.
     You walk in and are immediately impressed by the lobby décor. You have to take it all in and look around everything. Leather, wood, candles make the lobby relaxing and a comfy place to sit an do some laptop work in the mornings, afternoons or evenings.
    The staff at the front desk are lovely. I mentioned when I visit anywhere if the staff are nice and really show attentive to you then the visit feels 100x better and welcoming. Its safe to say the front desk staff got a lot of questions from me, nothing was too much! They value their guests is more than impressive when a hotel is non-stop.
    Staying with Gild Hall during my first ever trip to New York made me love and discover a side to the city I never thought was even there. The perfect boutique hotel in area you wont be disappointed by.
    A big thanks to all the staff who made me comfy during my stay and Thompson Hotels; Gild Hall for hosting this stay.
    Thompson hotels have hotels in all different locations as you can see down below.
    If I ever cross any of the locations I will be for sure to stay with Thompsons.
    I'm going to be writing about my time in New York as a whole, so keep an eye out!
    NYC is really the city that doesn't sleep, but there is something so memorizing that you will for sure never be able to forget.
    I loved this crazy, busy and vibrant city and wouldn't fail to take a trip again at any given point.

    Wednesday, 29 March 2017


     I read so many blogs about being body confident and loving the skin your in so I want to talk about body confidence. Being body confident is easier said than done with social media, magazines and everything else in the present telling us how we should look its harder than ever to break through and be confident in the skin your in. Even the most confident people that you just look at and cant believe one can look like that are sure to have days where they struggle. After all we are all only human so.
    It can actually be quite of a downer.  Even though I eat well and exercise I am guilty of social media stalking until the point where I feel uncomfortable in my own body and for the rest of the night I am completely upset and left wondering how and why I can look like this and why I don't. I have to shut down Instagram to stop me feeling like that .. I am not the only one lets be real.

    The Perfect Body - Everyone has a different idea of what they want their body to look like. Lets be real there is no perfect body shape. Jennifer Lawrence may be my motivation but to someone else 
    they may adore Kim Kardashian's body and want to look like that. Everyone's body is different and everybody's idea of how they wish to look is different! That's the good thing. My body goals may be totally different to yours.. but at the end of the day if your happy with your own body or how your working towards the body you would like that's the goal. Your body hears everything your mind says so be kind!


    For me, it's about confidence and happiness. Size doesn't matter. Happiness and confidence does. 
    Best Advice - It's about how you feel in yourself not anything else. Being confident in yourself with show to the world. It will glow of you. The kind of glow that people say pregnancy gives you.

    When I was young someone told me never to step on a scale! I refuse to step on something that leaves me thinking is this the right weight for me? When I say its about how you feel in yourself I mean do you feel comfortable in your clothes your wearing? Could you put on a pair of heels and feel like your about to take over the world?? Its 95% in the mind. I say it all comes back to the whole 'law of attraction vibe' Its important that if you are trying to achieve a certain body look to not rush it and go at your own pace. For example looking thorough Instgram and see fitness models and your thinking you need to look like that you could go for a whole week healthy eating and exercising pushing yourself to the limit only for the next week to be binge eating. I will admit I've done it been their and felt awful. Its important to make the change in your own pace without anything feel forced. 

    Turning Envy Into Motivation - Something that really helps me is when I see an incredible pretty woman on social media you know after telling myself she may be filtered and even not trying to breathe out. I use it as my kick ass motivation. I think how I want to look like that and be ready to rock my beach body. Not because its the 'ideal' way to look but because I am happy looking like that. Once I started doing this I felt so much happier in myself wherever along the line I was. Its all about the mind don't let it trick you.. turn your negative thoughts into a positive energy. Don't get me wrong most of the girls I see on social media who are fitness based work damn hard. Comparing yourself really is the thief of joy.

    Make It A Routine Get Into A Habit  - You never regret a work out trust me you walk in feeling like its the worst idea ever but walk out feeling like a total boss. After 2 hours of working out and sweating I feel so motivated to do it all again the next day! I used the 21 day rule to get into the habit. If you haven't heard of it its basically 21 days to form a new habit if you can keep it up for those days then it will be inputted into your life. I have tried it on many other things in life and safe to say it does work if you put your mind to it! When someone tells me they want to change something about their life maybe how they want to cut out a certain food I tell them to stop for 21 days and see after that.

     If I feel crap about my body or I'm having a bad body confidence day I'll go to the gym or take a bath and pamper myself. When your angry and pissed about something the best thing to do is sweat it out. Some don't like going to the gym or just don't have the time. Home workouts are great. In your own personal space. There are thousands' if not even more home workouts on the internet and google. I use them a lot at the most random times.

    Lacking Confidence -  Everyone in this world has unconfident days its human. For me, it's when I walk into a room full of new people, walking into crowded places or even on the beach.

    Around 3/4 years ago I used to suffer with crazy nerves and confidence. As I've got older it has slowly disappeared and not so much of a big issue now. Don't get me wrong it sneaks up sometimes and I have to try and over power it.

    Everyone deals with their confidence in different styles, for me if Im going to a event I know I need to feel confident I'll get my hair done I always feel way more confident when my hair has been done or makeup.
    When I've planned a vacation that I need to be in a bikini every day, I'll make sure I fit in my gym sessions at least 3 months before hand and change my eating habits to something more healthier.  Having that goal is a great way to push you and inspire yourself. Be your own motivation .. when you see a change in yourself for the better you can look back and be inspired.

    There are plenty of books about helping with body image, self confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin. They are my favourite types of books to read and really motivate me.



    Sunday, 5 March 2017


    As much as I want to be adventurous with makeup I tend to stick to the same kind of products I've always trusted. I mean why replace something when its not broke?  I do tend to switch up things from time to time when I see someone rave about a product so much then I will buy it

    Learning what makeup suits your skin best can take soo long! In-fact its a never ending process. I have found holy grail items that I use for my “everyday” makeup look. I've used them for 2 years and still repurchasing them up-to today. I am truly and utterly obsessed with them. These are the must have for me. I have never not had them in my collection for the past 2 years.

    Its a classic and a big hit for a lot of people.
    Its priced at £18.00 which considering how long it lasts isn't to extreme. All products will be linked.

    Mist of water packed with vitamins, minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and leave the skin feeling refreshed.
    I grab this everyday for making pigments look more intense. Such as eye shadow and highlights.
    I also spritz is all over the face once complementing my makeup look.

    I've raved about this product before and will continue to. Its my go to concealer I have the shade 'chantilly' the lightest of the whole collection. Its amazzzing! Really I cant get enough of what a lightweight yet such a good coverage this thing is! Its ranged at £23.00 from NARS.

    Again this is another go to for so many people are for me. I had no plan of loving this as much as I do. When purchasing it nearly 2 years ago I wasn't expecting to be impressed. I mean 50% love the other 50 hate. I was surprised as my whole take on MAC foundations was they would break me out and leave my face feeling like I had just applied a paint tub, lol. Its so lightweight and if your like me and want good coverage everyday its perfect! No regrets. None atall . £23.50 from MAC

    Another NARS product. I cant get enough of the brand. This is my go to bronzer and I am yet to find one I love like this. Its easily buildable but if your looking for that effortless look it also has that. I know so many people who love this and use it religiously like me. The best thing about it is that it suits all skin types from pale skin like me all the way to really dark. Cult classic and award winning, need I say anymore?
    £29.00 NARS

    Saturday, 4 March 2017


    I've been having a bloggers block recently ... not with motivation but struggling to write something that I would read myself.. I love reading other peoples blog as it brings ideas to my head.. I accidently clicked on a page of people revealing their fondest childhood memories .. it got me thinking.. what a great idea for a post! I have lots of childhood memories but some stick out more than others!

    Childhood memories are so much different to watch children will have these days!
    I didn't have a phone, ipad or xbox when I was young! I actually went outside and got muddy believe it or not.
    So here are my favourite's .. you can probably relate ..

     Playing in the sand, collecting seashells from every beach I went too. No joke I walked the whole beach to find the most eye pleasing seashells. I had the biggest seashell collection. Being at the beach has always been one of my favourite things.

     Making daisy chains and wearing them around your head.. if theirs daisy's around no doubt their was about to be a whole lot of DIY going on.. I feel like everyone had to have done this as a child at some point..

    Falling asleep on a car journey home.. and waking up in your bed! Magic,? I thought so.

    Monday, 20 February 2017

    Protein World: 30 Day Challenge first thoughts and results.

    Last week I started the 30 day challenge with Protein World in collaboration with UNiDAYS as part of the new year revolution campaign.

    You can follow their social media here:

    If your not aware of what UNiDAYS is its a free platform with perks for students. Once you sign up for free and prove your a student (so easy) you have access to the best student discounts and coupons not just online but in store too. They are teamed up with lots of retailers to bring you the best discounts! Protein World being one of them which I think is great and you get a big 30% off here

    I have to be honest and say at first I was super nervous to start this. I can barley stick to a sleeping pattern 7 days a week never mind a 30 day challenge. As it just so happens a new year resolution of mine was to get back on track in every possible way including getting healthier and fitter. So here we are a week and half later and I have stuck to the challenge so far; its more like I've inputted it into my daily life routine so its a norm now.

    Included is: The slender blend chocolate porridge, slender blend shake also in chocolate, hunger buster and fat metaboliser capsules. The slender range is a low calorie but high protein shake. Less than 150cals per serving and still tastes so good!

    The chocolate protein powder shake is my favourite out of everything. I found it super east to place it into my daily routine of drinking/eating. Like everything in life I had to get use to the taste for the first 3 days.. after that I couldn't even tell. I really enjoy drinking it everyday now too. It cant be used as a meal replacement if you are trying to loose weight but I don't want to write about how you should replace it and not eat! No no and no. I am using this to help me tone up and get healthy as well as keeping me going through gym sessions or hard working days. I have used it once a day to replace myself snacking of bad things! It has really helped and I feel better than every right now. I will either have 1 shake or 2 a day depending on how I'm feeling. A booklet is provided of workouts and meal plans so if your feeling a tad lost no need to worry. I mostly mix 40g of the powder with 400mls of water. They also recommend blending it in with fruit smoothies. I am yet to try that combination.

    Nutrition info:
    Protein 24g
    Calories 141
    Fat 1.5g
    Saturated fat 0.5g

    I have loved porridge since I was a tiny girl! It was my favourite  breakfast every morning before school especially on the winter mornings. Their wasn't quite anything like waking up to a hot bowl of porridge. I kind of knew I wasn't going to mind having this most mornings. I have the chocolate porridge around 4 times a week with strawberries, bananas on top. It makes it just a little most enjoyable as it is protein porridge its a little grainy as expected. Around 8:30 am is when I have breakfast most days the porridge fills me up till lunch time usually around 12:30pm.. and if I do get snacking the shake is to the rescue!

    Anything to do with weight loss and capsules everyone seems to be worried and think they are dangerous. Its true in some situations too many off them is bad for you also like anything in life.

    I have also give my friends/family a talk about how the protein world fat metaboliser and hunger buster capsules are safe for me. I had concern .. which I suppose is common.

    Fat metaboliser - for the first week take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon with meals. For the second week and onwards take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with meals again. They have green tea and caffeine included in them to give you a boost! Increases metabolic rate obviously.

    Green Tea.
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B12

    Hunger buster capsules are what they say they are. All natural filled with fibre to help control your appetite which comes with helping weight loss. The special ingredient's off Konjac Glucomannan fibre gives the stomach a feeling off fullness like you just ate. Its tottaly safe and causes no harm what so ever.  I take one of these with my breakfast every morning so hopefully I don't get hungry till lunch time.

    Phewww! I feel like I just went on forever and more. I've really been enjoying my first week with the 30 day challenge with Protein World so I guess I just wanted to share it and put it out.

    Remember if your a student to sign up to UNiDAYS for the 30% off Protein World and for amazing discount across other brands. 
    I will be weekly updating how my progress is going. On the last week I am also going to include a start photo and end photo! I have all ready had big improvements but ill keep that for the next post!

    Stay fit!


    Thursday, 9 February 2017

    Nip + Fab

    Nip + Fab are one of my all time favourite skincare brands. Since discovering last year I cannot get enough.. seriously.  I have noticed a lot of controversial over the brand especially surrounding the 'glycolic' range.

    Like everything in this world it will work for some and not for others. I spent a good 5 months with having yes and no days with the glycolic range .. and I love it. I got my hands on some of their other pads and thought to do a little review because I love them so much! I'm going to go as far and say the brand is a real game changer.  Yup.

     Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads
    The stand out ingredient is obviously the acid. Glycolic acid if you didn't already know is used quite regular in the industry today. From facials and skincare products that really produce results some people have been searching a long while for.

    Glycolic is amazing at removing those dreadful, dead dull skin cells to reveal your new layer of fresh looking skin.

    Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) from sugar cane extract. The pads are 2.8% glycolic acid. It isn't too much or too little - its just the right amount that your skin could probably handle if your using them most nights like me. My skin is really sensitive and the pads seem to do amazing.  Some people seem to have a problem with their being fragrance / alcohol in the products. But unless your turning your whole skincare into a new road then what really doesn't have fragrance and alcohol in anymore? I'm pretty sure the pollution is more bad for the skin ..

    Glycolic fix night cleansing pads extreme

    Basically take all I just said about the milder pads apart from the extreme pads have more glycolic in of course! This being a high 5% also included is salicylic acid to help unclog the skin. I don't use them every night maybe 3 times a week. I also must mention never forget SPF even if its not the sunniest of day the sun is still their and can get you through the clouds! Revealing a new layer of skin will also make you more prone to the sun really getting to your face.

    Its chalk and cheese. Some people say they are wayyy to sensitive while others say they have tried more extreme. 

    Bee sting fix toning pads

    I mean if you've got bee venom in your products we are defiantly talking business. Its a natural product and has worked amazing for so many years. (DONT KILL A BEE IF YOU SEE ONE, THANKS!)

    These pads are aimed to hydrate, firm and plum the skin. The pads also have the amazing ingredient of witch hazel which has also been around for many years. It tightens the pores while really getting in deep to the skins barrier.  I love these pads to wipe over my face before applying makeup! I feel it gets my makeup routine ready and makes me glow.  You cant go wrong .. and after a week of using my pores are soo much smaller! Its a miracle really (thanks bees)

    Ok, last one!
    Teen skin fix breakout rescue pads.

    Ok so lets not take the word 'teen' too much into this. As yes it is a range that is safe for teens young skin that is still developing .. but also good for us adults with really sensitive skin!!
    I noticed so many older people trying the teen range out because its not to strong or overboard.

    With a slight more subtle approach they include wasabi extract which again is a natural product to help fight against all the bacteria are skin is faced with every single day. They still have salicylic acid but lets not forget that salicylic is present in certain plants... so no harm.

    I really like these pads for when I think my skin needs a little breather from my skin care routine.

    So, Final thoughts?

    I love all the pads nip and fab offer. I have yet to try dragons blood and kale pads.
    This is just a little summary in my own words, there website isn't short of information you may want to know!

    Remember ... always take care of your skin .. it will thank you some day ... ;)


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